zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Frittata & abbey bread on the BBQ #16

We like the Italian kitchen,so we made some Frittata with abbey bread.
It is quite simple to make this one.Here are the ingredients for 5 persons.
500gr abbey flour 300ml water,mix it until you have a nice mixture, let it rise for a hour.

In the meantime prepare the Weber for indirect grilling.

For the Frittata you need: 6 eggs, fresh chili pepper,250gr shrimps, basil, half lemon juice,grated lemon,200gr grated cheese (parano) and some chive.
Mix all of it in a large bowl.
Rub a big aluminum Weber casserole with butter or oil,and do the mix of eggs and shrimps in the casserole.

Bake the bread in 45min. indirect (180 degrees), after 15 min. you can put the casserole on the direct side of the grill.
After 60 min. your bread is ready, let it cool down a little,and set the casserole for 15min.on the indirect side.


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