zondag 28 november 2010

Lamb on the grill & chocolate mousse #77

What a great day, sun is shining, it's cold,but with good company of my sister & brother in law, Weber,wine and Fireplace on,and a nice piece of lamb on the grate...This day can't go wrong!! and we try to forget all the bad things for a while..
The lamb was done easy as 1 - 2 - 3,pinch of salt, garlic and rosemary.. 2 hours on a medium heat grill indirect.
We had sweet potato's (sliced) in a casserole with rosemary,garlic and spring onion,bacon,cream and cheese on top.
The chocolate mousse was from a recipe of Nigella Lawson.... She have nice and quick recipe's Ok here we go, boil 0,4Ltr water,and dissolve 150gr marshmellows, 250gr chocolate,50gr soft butter in the water,till you have a smooth sauce.Take the pan of the stove and let it cool down,In the meanwhile make 250ml whipped cream,and add it to the sauce.
Put it in cups and let it cool down in the fridge..It was awesome!!
Enjoy !!! of course with an red wine..

zaterdag 27 november 2010

Photo shoots & quesadilla's #76

Friday was the day for a photo shoot at Hayke's cook studio "KookaandeZaan". She's having a very nice studio for cooking clinics.
The studio is located in an old factory from a famous Dutch brand "Honig"
After a few hours of shooting,drinking coffee,helping hand on fixing the hood and having some wine and a good talk,it was time for me to go home and make a quick meal..(Next week is the grand opening and will show you more picture;s)

I decide to make quesadilla's ala Nigella Lawson.Not on the Weber this time but on a grill pan..It's easy and quick to make.
You only need For 4 persons,8 flour tortilla's,75gr prosciutto,3 chicken breast (sliced),cherry tomato's, grana padano cheese and green peppers to taste and salad.
Take 4 slices of the prosciutto and put them on a half of the tortilla,add also some tomato,cheese and salad,fold it together,and put it in the grill pan until the cheese started to melt.On top you can add a Mexican salsa. Enjoy with a nice glass of red wine.

zondag 21 november 2010

Game Hen with thyme&mashed potato #75

After an hard week with a lot of bad news,it was time to get a little of our life back.This rollercoaster won't stop in the next few years...Thank god the weather was great to do some outdoor cooking,so we got our selfs a nice "pure" pork tenderloin on friday,with some salad and a cranberry sauce Of course from the grill.

On saturday we've got some stuffed paprika's with meat,cheese and rice...also from the grill very easy, quick and easy to make too,and the kids love them.

On sunday we had the perfect combination of "game hen" stuffed with lemon,pepper,onion,thyme and garlic.Then marinated in a bag with soy,5 species and honey, for a few hours..Time to heat up the Weber again;-) for indirect cooking,place the game hen on the indirect side of the grill and leave it for 2 hours in the kettle,we made a mashed potato and some veggies with it.I had zucchini ,eggplant and thyme.The veggies were marinated with balsamico for a tryout.It has a nice flavour but the next time i'll do it on the "normal" way.
We enjoyed it with a lot of wine and trying to forget the rest of the week..

woensdag 17 november 2010

Making wine #3

Finally the last part of making the wine. It's cleared the last 4 weeks, so it was time to bottle the wine.First we have to get rid of the old grape's.Let the moist flow in a sieve in a large bowl.Now it's time to prepare the bottles to fill,Clean the bottles with sulphite and rinse with clean water.
After you cleaned the bottles it's time to fill them with the wine.But first the best part!! you can try some wine now..For me it was 10:00 a little bit early ;-).
The taste was a little dry,(I like the sweet wine more).But hey ,it was 10 AM...maybe taste better at 22:00..
Put a cork on the bottle and wait a week or 6 and try another bottle,the taste can be better then the last time..If not drink it all or give it away;-) and start over next year...

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Snack / lunchtime #74

This is a nice quick one with low fat!! for breakfast,lunch or snack.I'll take this almost everyday to work.No fridge at work to cool your curd? ,no problem,use an icepack under the plastic small container and put the curd in it.
The only things you need are 125ml curd,2Tbsp raisins and 50gr Kellog's.(I prefer the one with chocolate chunks).
Mix well and enjoy...

zondag 7 november 2010

Duck breast with succory and balsamic vinegar #73

Thank god my headache was cleared,I had to make a picture of the kids (the girl is from my brother in law) for grandpa's birthday next week.He's 70!! but superb with the kids.After we take the picture's friends of us came over,had some wine,and have to cook and shoot some pics for this blog.I had not taken enough time to set the light in the right position.But the duck breast with succory, balsamic syrup and sweet potato from the grill tasted great!!.

This is how we did it.

Cook 2 sweet potatos till they are done,slice it in 2 parts and take the potato out of the shell,make some puree of it with some cheese and put it back in the shell.Heat it up on the Weber until the cheese is melted.

Make the balsamic syrup with 2Tbsp apple syrup and a few Tbsp balsamic vinegar,heat up and stir.
Cut the succory end off and peel the leave's off,bake them on a hot grate in a fry pan,add some sugar until it melt's.
In the meantime grill the duck on a hot grate 2 minutes each side.(core temp. about 52 degrees).let it rest for a few minutes.

Put the duck on the leaves and add some balsamic syrup on the duck and succory... Enjoy it with a nice smooth red wine.

zaterdag 6 november 2010

Tosti / Sandwich on the grill #72

Damn, what a saturday...Headache,squash with Boris,and then to soccer with Rik,and I had to pick up my duck breast for sunday.While I was picking up my duck I get a call from the coach of Rik,due to the bad weather,the game was canceled..Thank god for this time;-).I was not in the mood for cooking,so my wife made a pan of our favorite homemade soup(tomato) and we had some hot sandwiches with it (tosti's).I asked some guys from Twitter of it would be fun to write a blog about soup and tosti's..The answer was YES sure!!! Now I got a problem...what to make from a simple meal like soup and toast..so I give it a try!!!
For the soup you need a pan of boiled water,boullion,a package dried tomato,fresh veggies cut very small,minced meat balls and noodles.Cook it for about 2 hours.Now we came to my part,the tosti's...Heat up the Weber for medium heat 150 degrees.Now I used a open grill pan to heat up the sandwiches.We made them with ham,cheese,tomato and a pinch of Balsamic vinegar..It taste awesome!! We also made some sandwich with ham,cheese,and jalapenos and a bit of biological tomato ketchup...It's also very nice to make..the kids loved it...Enjoy!!