vrijdag 30 april 2010

Queens day Fajita's #15

What a beautiful day,Queens day, won a "small" amount in the lottery, (No i can't stop working),party and afterwards a Q night.

We make some fajita's with chicken and a home made salsa.

4 persons:
Use 2 large paprika's, 500gr chicken breast, 1 onion, 3 clove's garlic, Adjuma (Surinam pepper)small ,2Tbs brown suggar ,3Tbs oil,cheese.

For the wet rub you can use the spicy type,3Tbs oil,thin sliced onion,crushed garlic,adjuma (Surinam pepper)just a thin slice crushed,or as much as you like and 1Tbs brown sugar. Leave the chicken in here for about 2 hours.

For the salsa 1 can crushed tomato(400gr) a small can tomato paste, 2 clove's garlic, rosemary,1Tbs brown sugar and some basil.
Heat it up and stir.

Heat up the Weber and prepare for indirect grilling.
Do the chicken breast direct for about 10 mins each side, the paprika on the indirect side with the onions ,switch after 10 mins the chicken and the paprika & onion, put the tortilla wraps on the indirect side for a minute(over the chicken).

Slice the chicken and stuff it with the parika onion & cheese in the tortilla with some salsa in it or on top.

zondag 25 april 2010

Minced meat with ricotta bacon in a paprika bun #14

After a busy weekend from party to party,it's always nice to chill out with a good bottle of wine and a BBQ at the end of the day.

This one i have seen on the blog from cowgirl and Anotherpintplease

We don't have Bison so i used minced meat.I stuffed it with ricotta instead of goat cheese in a paprika bun.
For de rub i used the one from yesterday (1tbsp thyme 1 tbsp chili powder grated garlic grated onion and some brown sugar)

The sweetness is great with the baked ricotta.

Put the stuffed buns for 5 mins direct, and set aside for about 1 hour indirect.

15mins before you serve the buns you can make some potato's/fries.

zaterdag 24 april 2010

Free range pork & corn cob's #13

We had a very busy saturday, doing some gardening,soccer game with Rik my son, a quick meal and after dinner a party from a friend...
So i prepared the pork this morning with a rub of 3tbsp Dyon mustard on top.Then mix the sea salt,pepper,1 tbsp brown sugar, grated garlic grated onion and 1 tbsp chili powder,and rub it in on top of the Dyon mustard.

The sweet corn cob's you can rub with some butter and fold back the leaves and tie them up.

I rubbed the pork,made some sweet corn cob's and add some baked potato's and mushrooms.

Prepare the grill for indirect grilling.Put on the corn for about 5 mins each side direct on the grill and put them aside to indirect..next to the potato's in foil.

Grill the pork for about 15 mins each side direct..... enjoy

zondag 18 april 2010

Lazy sunday...#12

This was an lazy sunday afternoon.....the weather was perfect about 19 degrees,doing some lawn mowing,cleaning the Q and a quick nap in the hammock.
We did a quick dinner with some fennel,potato,tomato & chicken skewers.

Cut the fennel in 4 parts rub it with sea salt pepper & oil.
Gril direct for about 15 min. turn one time,halfway.

The chicken skewers i used to make it with paprika,tomato,& marinade it with the one you like...

zaterdag 17 april 2010

Wonderful saturday #11

This was an outstanding saturday !!! The weather was perfect,time for grilling,time for fish & chips (potato) and eggplant.

For starter we used the shrimp with sweet and a little spicy dressing.

14 shrimps.
3tbs olive oil 1tbs soy 2tbs honey lemon,lemon grated and some coriander.

grill direct for about 3min.

The main course was the potato,served with pangasius filet (not the best choice but nice) and some eggplant.
The fish was packed in foil with some thyme,olive oil pepper sea salt.
grilled for about 15min.

The same ingredients were used for the potato and grilled direct for 10min. and kept warm on a stone tray.(under the kettle)
In the meanwihle you can add the eggplant with some oil pepper & sea salt on the grill (direct) for 15min. Turn one time and put some cheddar on top.

Desert of pineapple with icecream.
The grill was still 180 gr so we put on some fresh pineapple (direct) 5min. each side,and served with icecream..

vrijdag 16 april 2010

Tomato bread with chicken #10

This was an experimental thing,i want to make some bread with chicken on the Q.
It taste sweet !!!

Take 500 gr chickenbreast and marinade it with the one you like,(i love marinade with soy,honey,chinese 5 spices and thyme)
The next step is to make the dough,and start up your Weber.Keep in mind that you do some direct and indirect grilling.(I used one side of the Q for direct grilling)

I stuffed the bread with chicken,cheddar,green pepper and (choice) pineapple.One of the kids don't like pineapple.

Grill the chickenbreast direct and after that slice the chicken,and stuff it with the ones you like and close the bread.

The following step is to put the stuffed bread on the Q on de indirect side about 180 degrees for 20min.
You can also grill the pineapple direct and serve separately.

We have some fresh salad with cucumber,tomato,croutons and balsamico dressing.

woensdag 14 april 2010

Snack time #9

Easy quick and delicious,
Take a piece of mozzarella,half cherry tomato,sea salt and basil.
Nice combo with rose or red wine

stuffed chicken with grilled zucchini #8

This is a great one, take 4 chicken breast,stuff it with some pesto,tomato and tie it up.
Grill direct for 15min.
Slice the zucchini in slices from 1cm,put some sea salt,pepper and olive oil.
Grill it for 10 min.direct.

Summer salad #7

No time for grilling,take a healthy salad with tuna,shrimps,cucumber,croutons,paprika
feta and tomato.For the dressing i used the homemade honey-mustard dressing with some basil.

Winter BBQ #6

Yeah....perfect time of the year for grilling...
This time we made a smoked ham from around 2.5Lbs.
The big ones were marinaded with Whiskey,honey and thyme.
Grilling time was about 3 hours,but with the fireplace on and some red wine it was no problem.

dinsdag 13 april 2010

Lunch of the day #5

Bagel with pesto,tomato,mozzarella,basil and salt&pepper.
Always fun at work when i make this one...