woensdag 23 maart 2011

Sunny wednesday grilling #105

It was a beautiful day,for a soccer tournament with Boris, from school,and a nice bbq with fresh veggies,sweet potato and fish!
All from the Weber of course.
Today we prepared 500gr broccoli cut in pieces,500gr sweet potato's and 4 pieces of fish.
The fish was made with some thyme,sea salt and pepper,wrapped in aluminum foil for about 20 min. on the grill.
Put the broccoli,potato's,onion and garlic in a wok o the grill too for about 20 min.
Stay at the grill for stirring the wok,and enjoying the nice smell of the goods on the grate.Add a little bit of Kikoman to the broccoli for the finishing touch.

Enjoy (of course with a glass Chianti)

Brocolli,Fish & sourdough #106

First I want a warm welcome for "TheDutchessCooks" She's a new participant in the "4 ingredient challenge".. Have fun Hanneke;-) Let's kick some ass..
Ok here we go,the first part is no problem,the fish,broccoli and apple,but the sourdough....First I was thinking of baking it myself but couldn't find the right ingredients and bacteria..Now what... where do I get sourdough bread in store..not at my local bakery.
Finally a friend of us Guus "Umami" Vredenburg from VCC bought me a nice bread from a store he knows in an other town.Thanks Guus;-)
Now we have all the ingredients for the "challenge" it was time for some cooking!
I grilled the fish on high fire direct on the grill,with some pepper sea salt and thyme.Then the broccoli also on a high fire, and grill the apple after the grill part glaze with honey and a bit of balsamic acceto.
Now roast the bread on the grill,add the fish,broccoli and glazed apple on top and enjoy!

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zondag 20 maart 2011

Bounty/coconut sate #104

Today I want to try something different. I'm talking about a kind of bounty/coconut marinated sate, And i'm telling ya...they were awesome!!
It's so quick and easy to make...you only need coconut cream,fresh pepper or jalepeno,lemongrass,lemon juice and 2Tbsp soy.
Let the boneless chicken breast marinate for an hour or so..Put them on a high heat grate for a few minutes.
Serve with the French fries I made on the other post,and add some salad..


zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Tbone & French fries #103

We had a nice calm weather,sun was shining,time to made the light in the porch,and after a busy day I'm getting my grill ready for the Massive Tbone,a real men's dish;-)
The Tbone was only prepared with pepper and sea salt to taste.
I made some French fries with it.
A few weeks ago I got a potato cutter,for making French fries,as a birthday present.
So today I bought myself a frypan,we never had one!
After cutting the potato's and preheat the grill for direct grilling,the frypan was preheated, so do the fries in the pan till they are gold colored.In the meantime do the Tbone on the hot grate's and grill each side for about 5 minutes. Mine was medium done! just the way I like..
serve with the fries and a glass of wine.

dinsdag 15 maart 2011

MOINKballs #102

My son asked me last week, "Dad can you make a few MOINKballs for the class,We have an presentation in English this week"
Sure no problem,we all love MOINK'S.When do you need them...Uuhh tomorrow....Now we got a minor problem;-)
By the way MOINK stands for Moo (cow) Oink (pig).
Ok lets go, you need 500 gr minced meat,2 eggs, 1 onion, 2 gloves garlic,bacon, bread crum, tobasco and brown sugar to taste.
Blend everything well.
Make the ball's 4cm each and wrap a slice of bacon around it,place a skewer in the bacon to hold it together.
Put the ball's on a medium heat indirect grill for about 2-2,5 hours,and smoke with cherry wood.
After 2 hours you have to mop the sauce on the ball's to glaze them.I use a mixture of ketchup,brown sugar and tobasco to taste...
We tried the ball's, and they were awesome..Hope the kids at school love them too..

zondag 13 maart 2011

#101 ways to make your toast..

We had a sunny calm nice weather here today.It was just perfect for eating outside!! First time this year,under the new porch.
After doing some shopping for outdoor lamp's, the grocery store and doing some coffee with friends,it was time for us to go home and prepare the fireplace and the Weber for a quick and easy meal on the grill..It's toast time...you can make this in 101 variations..We had the double cheese & ham , double cheese,ham & green pepper, and double cheese,ham & sun dried tomato's, but you can make it with almost everything...Serve with your favorite homemade soup,a glass of wine and enjoy!!

Bacon wrapped shrimp #100

Wow this is my 100 blogpost!!! great to do, I have so much fun with it...
The weather was so nice and warm,the porch is almost done,while I was sitting under the porch with a nice glass of wine, I decide to make a summer dish with shrimp and summer chicken.
For the shrimp you need only 16 big shrimps,skewers, basil,and bacon.
Put the shrimp on the skewer,place a basil leaf on the shrimp and wrap in bacon.
Place the skewers on the direct grate for about 3 minutes each side.You can use a aluminum foil under the end of skewers to prevent burning the skewers.
For the summer chicken use a boneless chicken breast,slice it open and stuff with sun dried tomato,and mozzarella.Fold back the slice and tie it up.
Also on a direct grate high fire.till it's done.
We had a salad and a nice sandwich with it.


vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Meatloaf #99

Tonight we had a great meatloaf..It's one of my favorites to make....
All you need is 500gr minced meat, 2 egg's, 2Tbsp brown sugar, 1 onion, 1 clove garlic,a little tobasco to taste,breadcrum,
2 Spanish pepper's and a pepper bell.Mix everything very well,and make a flat piece of it.
Add on the edge the Pepper & cheese and fold it,the next layer is for the pepper bell and cheese,keep on rolling.
In the meantime prepare the Grill for indirect grilling,and put the meatloaf on the grate.
Let it grill for about 2,5 hours.In the last hour you have to mop the meatloaf with a mixture of tomato ketchup,brown sugar and tobasco to taste.
Serve with some salad and a sandwich.
I also heard today from Robyn from the Grill Grrrl that I won the cedar planks from the outdoor gourmet..next time I'm gonna make a meatloaf on cedar!!

Coffee #98

Today I bought a new coffee grinder.It's my first one... After seeing a lot off grinders in different price ranges...(If you want to spend a lot of money...no problem;-) I see grinders from 50€ -1000€....) For a tryout I got the "Solis" grinder.Nice grinder for not that much..
I made a Frenchpress coffee.Grind 7gr beans of your choice, I had the Balmaadi Estate from India.
It is a nice coffee with a taste of citrus,It's not a bold /chubby coffee but very sparkling/light.
Boil some fresh water and add it to the fresh beans and stir.let it rest for 3 minutes and press the coffee...

dinsdag 8 maart 2011

Tagliatelle ricotta #97

Want a quick and nice meal under 20 minutes on the table!! Try this Ricotta Tagliatelle.
All you need is 250gr fresh tagliatelle,300gr minced meat,1 pepper bell, 1 eggplant, 1 onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 jar (400gr) peeled tomato's, 1 Tbsp brown sugar, hand full fresh basil,1 tsp oregano and 1 Tbsp Balsamic
Preheat the oven on 200 C.Put the ricotta,with the oregano,pepper,salt and olive oil to taste in the oven for about 20 minutes.
In the meantime cut all the veggies in small pieces.
First fry the onion and garlic a little and add the minced meat.After the minced meat is done you can add the eggplant,pepper bell,let it simmer for about 5 minutes.
Add the peeled tomato's ,A small jar tomato puree, brown sugar and a 1 Tbsp balsamic and stir till you've got a nice sauce.
Serve with tagliatelle and a red wine.


zondag 6 maart 2011

Drunken Mango birthday skewers. #96

I had such a busy great weekend,building our porch,and celebrate my 44 birthday...
My brother in law and a friend came over to help building our porch.
After the hard work we had a little party.
I had no time for grilling or doing some cooking of my own(so we had some junkfood)....
The kids loved it under the porch..they made a nice fire and do some chilling.
The day after was a mess,after cleaning the house it was time for a nice ride with my wife,but what do we eat tonight...
I saw a nice mango mayo on the blog of the Kayotic kitchen and decide to make some skewers on the grill.It had to be drunken mango skewers.
Use 3 boneless chicken breast cut in pieces,and marinate it in 3Tbsp Bacardi rum,2Tbsp soy,1tsp 5spices 1Tbsp honey and 3 Tbsp olive oil.
Prepare over high heat direct on the grill.
Serve some salad,tomato,cucumber and a mashed potato from the oven (grated with cheese) as a side dish and enjoy!!.