zaterdag 24 september 2011

Lemon-melon tofu #140

Now this was a "challenge" again. Tofu...I even don't know what kind of chop-board I had to us for this...It's not fish,not meat,not a what...This is the first time I had tofu,and don't know what to expected from it.So we had Tofu,melon,peas and potato's.Ok lets get started.I was thinking of the melon,what to do with it? I opted to make a marinade from melon.This is how I did It,Use the juice of half a melon,add the zest of a lemon,and juice of a lemon,1Cm fresh ginger thin sliced,2 gloves garlic,1 tsp 5 spice powder and 1Tbsp kikoman soy sauce.Let it marinade for a few hours.The peas and potato's were simply sprinkled with olive oil,salt and pepper,and a little bit of the marinade from the tofu.Then baked in a skillet on the Weber.The last 6 minutes were for the tofu on a high heated clean and oiled grate.Be careful with the tofu,it's very fragile.We all tried it,the taste be honest...not bad..;-) but never eat it again! Please visit the other participants.
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Nibble Me ThisNibble Me This is Chris Grove’s blog about his misadventures in live fire cooking. ”I have no culinary training….I’m just entertaining myself with fire and food”.

Bob’s Brew and ‘QueBob started Bob’s Brew and ‘Que in August of 2009 with the intent of sharing his views on food and drink. Originally focused on BBQ and Homebrew, it was inevitable that the influences of his upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area and it’s wealth of ingredients as well as his heritage as an American of Japanese ancestry would help focus his blog, as it has his approach to food and drink.

Cooking, by the seat of my Pants!Cooking by the seat of my Pants began life as a way to document Jerry Russell’s culinary misadventures. Since then it has become his way to encourage people to cook without boundaries or recipes. To just get in the kitchen and cook something from the heart.

Better Recipes “The Daily Dish”Kristina has been writing “The Daily Dish” for for the past two years. The blog covers a wide variety of recipes, but firing up the grill truly lights up her passion for food! She was named “America’s Next Pork Personality” by Guy Fieri for one of her grilled pork dishes, won the outdoor grilling division of the National Beef Cook-Off, and her winning grilled lamb-burger took her all the way to the land Down Under with Meat and Livestock Australia. The “4-Ingredient Challenge” is a fun and exciting way to get creative on the grill!

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maandag 19 september 2011

Italian sausage #139

This weekend we had my son's birthday party.. He's 10 now. It was a busy weekend with good food,friends,and more.. Friday he got a party at school and gave out a candy stick. We made a man of marshmallow with an licorice lace as a black belt from teakwando. On Saturday we made our favorite hamburgerswith tequila, some with jalapeno's and some normal hamburgers for the kids. On sunday I had a relaxing day..and made some Italian sausage with bread. Use for 4 servings, 12 Tuscany sausages,2 pepper bell's (sliced),1 sweet onion (chopped),2 gloves garlic (sliced) 1can tomato puree and 200Ml broth. Heat up the grill,brown the sausage and set aside. Glaze the onion and garlic,add the pepper bell's and let simmer for about 5 minutes,add the broth and a can tomato puree and stir. Add the sausage and let simmer for 15 minutes,and serve with some good bread and a nice glass of wine.

zondag 11 september 2011

Cannoli #138

Now this is one of my favorite non bbq dish. It's the spinach ricotta cannoli.It is an vegetarian style dish,but you can make it with meat too. This is so easy to make and so delicious. For the filling you need 600gr fresh spinach leaves,1tsp nutmeg,2 cloves garlic crushed and 1 onion fine chopped. Glace the garlic and onion,add the spinach and nutmeg. It seems there is not much left from the spinach,but it is enough for 4 servings. let the spinach cool down and remove the water from it. Chop the spinach real fine,add the ricotta and mix well. In the meantime you can make a mix from 300 gr minced meat,1 can peeled tomato,and 1 can mashed tomato. Put the meat mix in the casserole. Do the mix of spinach/ricotta in a piping bag, and fill the cannoli tube's. Make a white sauce from creme fraise,grated Italian cheese,and pepper&salt to taste. Add it on the cannoli and shove it in a pre-heated oven for 45 minutes. Enjoy with a red Torres wine.

vrijdag 9 september 2011

Skillet Pizza #137

Just a post with a few words.. Awesome after summer dinner outside on the porch. Pizza in the skillet,you can do almost everything you like on top.. I Love outdoor cooking! Enjoy your weekend,this was a great start.

zondag 4 september 2011

Toast on fire #136

This was probably the last nice day of the summer,so we had to do some live fire cooking with the kids.They love to play with fire.
This is always a fun concept of making food.
In the evening it gets a bit chilly outside,so I put on the fireplace on our porch,now this is were we made our food tonight.
This is so easy and fun to do.Get a toast iron,make a sandwich with cheddar,ham and jalapeno's from a jar.
Heat up in the fire,but be careful,it's hot and goes very fast!
When done add your favorite sauce.(I had the Sweet Baby Ray's)
Enjoy with a nice Chianti and see the sun go down...