donderdag 29 juli 2010

Chicken breast with blackberries sauce #45

One final update to come... chicken breast with veggies and blackberries sauce.I'm happy to do some grilling on my own" big Weber" with enough space to do some wok and grill at the same time. This morning i made blackberries jam from the garden. If we have jam then we have sauce;-) Grill the chicken as you do always, for the veggies i used zucchini,eggplant,garlic and some onion.Cut it pretty big. Do the eggplant in a rub of oil and salt,leave it for a minute or 10 in a bowl.Put everything in the wok on the heated grates and stir till its done.Serve with a rose. Enjoy !!!

Blackberries jam homemade #44

Just came back home from holiday,and saw a lot of blackberries in the garden,ready to pick...It was more then 1Kg !!
If you want to make jam you need 500 gr blackberries the juice of 1 lemon and 250 gr jellysugar.
Wash the blackberries and put them in a pan with the jellysugar and the lemon. Let it cook for about 15 min. and put the hot jelly in clean pots and close them,turn up side down for 5 min. and let it rest for a few hours. Enjoy !!

Holiday grilling #43

Back in town, back from France... we had a great holiday (without internet) but with good weather and lots of food and wine. Of course we did a lot of fun things with the kids,like kite flying and fishing. Seen some beautiful castles in Carcassonne and lots more..But now back to the grill...
The only thing i had to grill with was the Thai table grill, it was really too small for 4 persons,but we've got all the time...and no watch ;-) The ecobrasa charcoals take a longer time to heat up in the high mountains (3000 mtr), but as i say we got all the time..
I grilled a few easy things on the Thai grill like stuffed hotdogs and stuffed chicken brest.The hotdogs were stuffed with jalapenos and cheese.The chicken brest was stuffed with jalapenos,mushrooms,paprika and cheese.

zaterdag 10 juli 2010

Drunken chicken & mango salad #42

What a hot and sweaty saturday,get myself a hoover lawnmower to do the job,it's a lot easier then my rusty old handmower.But after the job was done i have to marinade the chicken and prepare the salad and MOINK's for tonight..The temperature rise above the 90's so i don't want to stay long in the kitchen..
The mango smoked chicken salad is easy to make, cut a mango in pieces take a salad and cut the chicken in pieces too,mix don't have to use a dressing for the salad.

For the drunken chicken you need 4 chicken breast, slice them to fit on the skewers and do them in a bowl with 1 cup white rum,2 cloves garlic grated,1 Tbsp brown sugar.let it marinate for 4 hours.Put the skewers on the grates direct for about 6 mins.each side.The chicken was really great !! We had also some MOINKballs smoked on cherry wood for the recipe see here

vrijdag 9 juli 2010

T-Bone #41

It was a hot and sunny start of my holiday,De boys are out of school for 6 weeks,football is done till august,the squash is closed,so i have al the time for the kids and myself.. Time for boxing,kiting,chilling and having fun.But first things first.
We were going to the local butcher for 2 "small" T-Bones,no problem,so i get 2 pieces from around 1Kg (around 2.2 pound) for just the 2 of us ;-) This is way too much,so i put the half of it in the freezer for the next time.For the T-bone i only used Sea salt,sage and pepper and put it on the grate for about 5 min. each side on a very hot grill,take it off the grate and let it rest for about 5 min. in foil. For the side dish we had some potato's in foil with sourcream and chive and a fresh salad,serve with a chilled rose,(there is no better way to start the holiday) and enjoy.

zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Oldskool Hamburgers #40

It was a rainy,hot and busy saturday.Squash with the youngest, a tournament, his first one, and ended up as 13th....Not bad for the first time. Prepared a Skateboard deck for the oldest one,with grip-tape and trucks.A fun job to do.After that we heated up the Weber for some oldskool hamburgers,with some maple chipotle sauce to glaze them,and a salad,simple but great (in the rain).

The minced meat was prepared with 2 cloves garlic , 1 onion cubed, bread-crum,1 egg ,1 Spanish pepper and some tabasco.
On top i used the maple chipotle sauce to glaze theme, when they are done you can put some cheddar on top.

vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Pikeperch on cedar #39

Yesterday my son's girlfriend gave me a call, I have a surprise for you??... Ok she's 12, i thought Surprise... at almost 23:00 !!! So i told her to come over,no problem ( i was still awake,enjoy the good weather) 5 min.later she arrived, with a big fish ( a pikeperch) catched by herself and filleted as well. The pikeperch was around 1,5 kg i guess.
What a great fish, 1 part i had on the cedar plank with some sea salt, pepper,tomato,lemon and dill.
For the other part i used a drip pan put the fish in it with some veggies.I used 1 zucchini in cubes, 200gr small mushrooms.
For the dill cream sauce you need 250ml cream,250 ml white wine,2 cloves garlic,1 cup fresh dill and pepper and salt to taste.
You can cook the wine with the cream,and put it on the fish in the drip pan.In the meanwhile you can bake the zucchini and mushroom in a veggie basket on the grill,and add it to the fish and the sauce,do some cheese on top to gratin.Put it bacck on the grill (indirect) for about 30 min.It was great !!