zaterdag 25 juni 2011

CocaCola Ribs #130

It was a bit of a rainy day,but I have to make those ribs...I had something in mind with CocaCola and can't wait for better weather or another day.
No I hear you say..CocaCola..for the ribs,Ow yeah CocaCola is great for sauce!
This is what you need for 2 Servings.
I had 2 ribs,that won't fit on one chopboard;-) Remove the membrane,clean up the ribs and dry the ribs.Make a dry rub with 2 cups brown sugar,1Tbsp sea salt,1Tbsp cumin,1Tbsp onion powder,1Tbsp Paprika powder and 1Tbsp pepper.Whisk everything,and rub the ribs,put the ribs in a zipper bag for about 6 hours.
In the meantime make the CocaCola sauce.You need 1can CocaCola,2cups ketchup,2cups brown sugar,1 cup apple cider vinegar,3 cloves garlic (crushed) 1 onion (fine chopped) 1Tbsp mustard and 1 Tbsp oil.
Saute the onion and garlic tender and add the rest of the ingredients and cook for an hour on low heat.Let it cool down.
Preheat the grill for 300ºF inderect grilling.Smoke the slabs with "Jack Daniels wood chips" on the grate for about 2,5 hours.
After 2,5 hours mop the ribs with the CocaCola sauce every 15 minutes (1 hour total) Wrap in aluminum foil and let it rest for 15 minutes.
Enjoy with some salad,cucumber,and of course a nice cool rose..

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Hamburgers #129

After a week of hard work,it's good to chill and relax with a rose,fireplace and oldskool hamburgers!!
You love hamburgers,we love hamburgers everyone loves hamburgers.Specially the kids love them..If there are friends came over for the kids,they always gonna ask....".Is your dad making those nice hamburgers" can I stay for dinner? Please...please.
Ok here we go...and make those fine hamburgers for your husband,girlfriend or kids...quick and easy.
For 12 servings,you need 1Kg minced meat,1 cup brown sugar,1 cup ketchup,1 onion diced,2 gloves garlic crushed,pepper to taste,1 tsp Worcestershire sauce,bread crum,and 2 eggs.
Mix everything in a large bowl.Make the burgers with an lid of an Illy can,
(it's the right size for an burger of 125gr = 1/4 pound)
In the meantime prepare the grill for direct grilling high heat 450ºF.This time I was using the Black Ranch charcoal,It's my favorite charcoal for high heat..
Put the burgers for about 4 minutes each side on the grate,add a thin slice fresh pineapple,jalapeno and some cheddar cheese on top...and enjoy...with a nice rose
Happy weekend.

woensdag 15 juni 2011

JackDaniel's smoked bread #128

O my....The skillet set has finally arrived.It is a 6 - 8 - and 10" skillet.
Everytime I use the metal drip pan's from Weber for my veggies or potato's (what is a shame)After use I throw them away..
Okay back to the grill,Preheat the Weber for indirect grilling,medium heat 300ºF.
I found a package of abby flour in the kitchen and thought of making a bread with the smoke of Jack Daniels wood flakes..I'm telling ya..It smells so good.
The bread is ready after 45 minutes.
The JD flakes become better in bread then in a piece of meat..
It is a nice appetizer,put some garlic butter or tapanade (like we did) on top,and enjoy with a glass rose.
In the meantime you can make Pizza dough,(the grill is still hot enough),or put some charcoals on top.Make a pizza of your choice.
We had the pizza's with boiled ham,mushroom,pepper bell,mozarella,jalapeno's and a nice tomato sauce.
For the sauce you need 6 tomato's,2 gloves garlic,oregano,basil,salt and pepper..very basic but very nice..
Heat it up and blend it with an kitchen aid hand blender.
The thin pizza's are ready in 30 minutes..Enjoy!

zondag 12 juni 2011

JalapenosBurgers #127

Whitsunday, It was such a nice day,lovely weather,glass rose,fireplace nice under the porch,with my wife and kids,Enjoying JalapenosBurgers.
It was so good..not too hot for the kids.We had them with some small potato's with a few Whole gloves garlic sweet onion,fresh basil,pepper and salt to taste and olive oil.Put all in an drip pan (still waiting for my skillet) and set on the grate for 30Minutes on high heat 400º F.
Prepare the minced meat with ingredients you like,we had 1 egg,breadcrum, diced jalapenos,1 cup brown sugar,1 cup honey bbq sauce,onion and garlic.Mix everything in a large bowl,and make some hamburgers of it.Add some bacon if you like.
Put them on the hot grate for about 4 minutes each side.

Enjoy with a glass of nice rose.

zondag 5 juni 2011

Saltimbocca alla Romana #126

I've found 2 magazines in a foil, never opened about food in Italy.Now that's always a favorite of us.We've been a few times In Tuscane.
Today was very rainy,we got nothing to do,just relax and doing some cooking.
I saw a nice recipe,Saltimbocca alla Romana..But first we had a nice melon with Parma ham that has dry-cured for 24 months..It was awesome.
For the Saltimbocca you need 4 slices pork tenderloin thin! so you can roll them.Put on every slice a few slices Parma Ham, and some sage leaves,and roll them (not to tight).Prepare on the grill for about 15 minutes medium high 300ºF (Indirect).
For desert we had an Panna cotta with mint. Cook 500Ml whipped cream with 1 tsp vanilla sugar,3Tbsp sugar. In the meantime get some gelatine in water,for about 5 minutes,and add to the cooked cream.Remove the mint leaves and put the mixture in a small glass or cup,and let cool down for 3 hours in a fridge.
After all we finished with an Espresso" Romano" its an espresso with an slice of've got to try it..


woensdag 1 juni 2011

30 minute meal #125

If you're looking for a quick and easy meal,try this..
It's a bit of "Nigella" style of cooking.There is always something in your closet you can use..We had pasta,pepper in a jar,onion,garlic,canned pork
(luncheon meat),pepper bell,cheese,can peeled tomato,balsamic vinegar and salt.Cut everything in pieces,boil some water and preheat the oven till 200 degrees.Cook the pasta "al dente" in 7 minutes.Add everything in a casserole,put the cheese on top with the peppers, and shove it in the oven for about 15 minutes...