zaterdag 26 februari 2011

Risotto con pollo e limoni #95

The first time of making a perfect risotto...It was absolutely fabulous.I had an Italian risotto rice found in the local grocery store.I wanted to make it with fresh pesto,chicken,Spanish pepper and sweet pepper bell.
Cut the pepper bell, pepper and a glove of garlic in pieces you like,bake the chicken and add the veggies.
In the meantime simmer an onion,and add the risotto rice in a pan and bake the rice a little.After a few minutes add some chicken broth (350Ml) in small amounts to the risotto and repeat it until the liquid is gone..After that add the juice of a lemon,2 egg yolk's, 50Gr Grana Padano cheese and 100Ml milk. Stir very well until you have a nice texture.Serve it with the fresh pesto,a piece of the Grana Padano cheese and a nice glass of Italian Wine....

vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Holiday adventures & Fennel fish dish #94

We had an fabulous week off to "Drenthe" a Dutch state in the north of the country.We had all kinds of weather,sun,snow,rain and fog,but there was enough to see and do for the kids but we Chilled the most off the time,but we were to the memorial museum of "Camp Westerbork" A Prisoner museum.
I worked for about 5 years in several prisons (security X-Ray specialist) so I see a lot of tools and equipment that prisoners make, for smoking hash and escaping.
We also went to an sea museum...I wanted to go to the historical cooking museum,but it was closed.
I didn't have the time and mood to cook at our bungalow,so we go to the chinese and local restaurants...not bad at all..
Back home I was in the mood for some fine fresh cooking,I decide to make Fennel,zucchini, fish, potato,sweet paprika,onion garlic,pepper and cheese from the oven!!
Cut everything in small slices,and put it in layers in a casserole.Sprinkle the cooking cream and fresh cheese on top of it,and shove it in a preheat oven off 180 degrees for an hour...
Enjoy with a light wine...

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Chicken pesto Hamburger #93

The flew has gone now, so I can do some grilling and early birthday shopping...I saw an top rated gadget.....a espresso machine in pocket format!! This tiny espresso machine works with an hand pump system on 16 Bar pressure for an excellent crema top...You can add all types of espresso coffee you want and I'm telling ya,It's so much better then the "Nespresso".
Ok back to the grill.My youngest son made an excellent pesto,It is his favorite thing to make...first of all is the nice smell of fresh basil.
We made a few nice chicken pesto Hamburgers,off course from the grill.Slice the chicken breast in 2 pieces and add the pesto and some Grano Padano cheese,and fold back.
Put them on a hot grate direct for about 10 minutes..It was freezing here so the preparing time is a bit longer...Add it on a fresh sandwich with some salad and enjoy.

maandag 14 februari 2011

"challenge" blood orange&lamb chop's

The Februari "challenge" was not so easy this time...Not because of the ingredients,but some personal problems. I had the flew,and also the kids were sick...after all I made the challenge for the wife and kids in Low 44F rainy stormy weather,and they loved it.(The kids were better) I still had the flew.
Ok back to the "challenge" First I want to welcome Richard from I hope you enjoy it!
Ok we had blood orange,I made a nice sauce of it.
For the sauce you need 1cup of juice from the blood orange,add 125Ml whipped cream and 2Tbsp TiaMaria( a sweet liquor) and heat it up, but watch out!! not cook it!!
The lamb chops I grilled direct ,only with pepper and salt to taste for about 3 minutes each side for a medium/rose lamb chop.
In the meantime make the elbow macaroni as described on the package.
I had to wok the Chinese cabbage with some chestnut champions,shallot and fresh red pepper.

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zondag 6 februari 2011

Beercan chicken #92

Yeah!!!! the first beercan chicken is done...I'm telling you,IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
What a nice flavour.First I thought of making the chicken with "Fernandes" a sweet drink.(I do not like beer at all... )But finally I used the Atlas strong beer.
It has to be a beercan chicken and not a soft drink chicken.
The beer taste very sweet,in my opinion.The only rub I used was 5 spices and a little bit honey.leave the chicken for an hour or so to marinate.
In the meanwhile prepare the side dish and the grill.The side dish was a salad and mashed potato with cheese.
Grill the chicken for 1,5 hour on 150 degrees,the core temperature was 80 degrees.
I had a Settesoli red wine with it.

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Quesadilla's from the grill #91

It's a stormy saturday evening when I heated up the Weber.First the young man had to play a soccer match (won 3-1),then pick up 60Kg ecobrasa brickets. Last night I spoke to a twitter friend about the ecobrasa,If I could bring him 40Kg too...Sure no's always fun to meet twitter members in real life.
After we have a cup of coffee and take a look at the Pulled pork he was making,it was time to drive home and prepare the Weber for the quesadilla.
It is so simple,take some flour tortilla's, a few chicken breast,fresh green pepper,prosciutto,grana padano cheese,some tomato's and rocket salad.
Grill the chicken breast,and cut them in pieces of 1cm. Add the salad,chicken (or prosciutto),roasted pepper,tomato and cheese on the flour tortilla,and fold the tortilla.
Put the quesadilla's on the grate and grill them over medium heat direct for about 4 minutes each side.