maandag 24 mei 2010

Whitsunday MOINKballs #27

It was an awesome weekend,did a family picnic,and a great BBQ with my parents in law.I thought it was nice to make MOINKballs for a was just perfect.We made some skewers with cumin-yogurt marinade as well.(see #23)
For the MOINKballs i used a basic rub, 1Tbsp brown sugar,2tsp chili powder, 1tsp cayenne some fresh sea salt and pepper.We smoked it with mesquite wood on the "smokey joe" indirect for about 2 hours.
Use 500 gr minced meat,1 egg, breadcrum,2 cloves garlic,and a fresh pepper.Mix well and make some balls from about 4cm.
Wrap the bacon around the ball.After 1,5 hour you can glaze the balls with an chutney or jelly.

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