woensdag 5 mei 2010

Liberty Ribeye day.18#

Liberty day , Ribeye day and a mini "Fatty" on the grill with fresh green asparagus.

The ribeye was a boneless one, i prepared it with the basic rub,Brown sugar,chili powder,rosemary,salt,crushed garlic and some olive oil.
For the "fatty" you can use the same rub inside with some cheddar and green pepper.

The asparagus were wrapped in bacon.

Prepare the grill (medium full chimney starter for 47cm grill) Everything was prepared direct at 180 degrees.
Turn the "fatty" a few times.
At the same time you can put the ribeye and the asparagus on the grill.Turn the ribeye after 7 min.
After14 min. everything is ready to serve..

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