vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Paprika/pepper buns with shrimp & creamcheese #28

Tonight we made sweet paprika bun's with shrimp & creamcheese. I saw a similar recipe at the blog from Cowgirl.
I could not find the jalapenos at the local store,so i used 2 sweet paprika's and 2 spanish peppers.Cut the paprika's in 2 parts and remove the seeds,do the same for the peppers. For the stuffing we used some mint,garlic, half lemon (Juice) 200gr big shrimps,125gr creamcheese and bacon to wrap the buns.I thought it was hot,but the next time i go to the market and looking for jalapenos,they have perhaps more taste... (for the kids it was ok) we find out the next time..

Prepare the grill for indirect grilling and do the bun's on it for about 1hour and serve with rose..enjoy!

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  1. Marc, yours look a lot prettier than mine! I've not tried mint.. thanks for the tip. :)