vrijdag 7 mei 2010

NewYork SUBway style chicken teriyaki #19

Oh what a day, my son calls me on work to ask what he need from the supermarket for my favorite sandwich tonight!!
My favorite is the chicken teriyaki with green pepper, tomato, cheddar, and some honey mustard dressing.I ate them a lot when i was in NY...
When i came home, the dinner was almost ready, I only have to shove it in the oven for about 5 min.
Rik (and a little help from my wife) did a great job....love this sandwich.

Used ingredients: 4 chicken breast, teriyaki sauce,green pepper,tomato,basil,3 "footlong" baguette.
For the honey mustard i use 2 Tbsp mayonaise (or use yoghurt), 2Tbsp Dyon mustard and 1Tbsp honey.

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