vrijdag 30 april 2010

Queens day Fajita's #15

What a beautiful day,Queens day, won a "small" amount in the lottery, (No i can't stop working),party and afterwards a Q night.

We make some fajita's with chicken and a home made salsa.

4 persons:
Use 2 large paprika's, 500gr chicken breast, 1 onion, 3 clove's garlic, Adjuma (Surinam pepper)small ,2Tbs brown suggar ,3Tbs oil,cheese.

For the wet rub you can use the spicy type,3Tbs oil,thin sliced onion,crushed garlic,adjuma (Surinam pepper)just a thin slice crushed,or as much as you like and 1Tbs brown sugar. Leave the chicken in here for about 2 hours.

For the salsa 1 can crushed tomato(400gr) a small can tomato paste, 2 clove's garlic, rosemary,1Tbs brown sugar and some basil.
Heat it up and stir.

Heat up the Weber and prepare for indirect grilling.
Do the chicken breast direct for about 10 mins each side, the paprika on the indirect side with the onions ,switch after 10 mins the chicken and the paprika & onion, put the tortilla wraps on the indirect side for a minute(over the chicken).

Slice the chicken and stuff it with the parika onion & cheese in the tortilla with some salsa in it or on top.

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