vrijdag 3 september 2010

Thai satay #55

Just another friday,day off from work,build a new home for our rabbit,did some gardening,and enjoying the nice weather. I was thinking of a Thai satay with basmati rice and homemade satay sauce.
For the marinated skewers you need 500gr.chicken breast,3gloves garlic crushed,100ml coconut milk,1tsp turmeric,2tsp coriander powder,fresh coriander,fresh Spanish pepper sliced and 3 Tbsp soy sauce.Mix it in a large bowl and let the chicken marinate for an hour.In the meanwhile put some wooden skewers in water.
For the veggies i used beansprouts,leek,chinese cowl,Spanish pepper(if you like it hot!! don't remove the seeds) for the kids it was too hot!!(they like spicy food but this was too much).wok it on high fire.Make the rice as the package say so.Serve the veggies,rice and satay separate
and drink a nice glass of rose with it, and enjoy the late afternoon sun.....

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