zondag 19 september 2010

Ribeye green peppersauce #59

While I was drinking a glass of red wine,enjoying the Umami experience with my wife and kids,Thinking of what we want to eat tonight.
I tried something different with the ribeye,we made it with homemade green pepper sauce,pomme duchesse and a salad.
For the "snack" I used a part anchovy,old Amsterdam cheese and a tomato on a skewer, as we gonna present it next week on my son's birthday party,for 30 people.This is really great!!! you've got to try this...

Back to the ribeye.I tried it with a homemade green pepper sauce,it was tasty but I prefer it without any sauce...just pepper and salt, just 5 minutes on the grill.For now we had it served with mashed potato's and a salad.
We also had an onion diced,2 gloves garlic (sliced) 250 gr mushrooms (sliced)and 3Tbsp whiskey ,fried in a pan as a side dish,because not everyone of the family loves mushrooms..
For the pepper sauce you need 30gr soft green pepper,250ml cream,sea salt,1Tbsp brown sugar.Enjoy!!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. This looks AMAZING! Great photos! I will have to show my husband this one for sure! YUMMMM!

  2. @Design Wine and Dine... it is really awesome.. it's called the 5th taste "umami" I'm sure your husband's gonna love this one...

  3. Marc, ouwe UmamiRakker! Dat ziet er weer goed uit. Idd is een ribeye het beste puur, maar een bietje peppersauce kan de smaak wel versterken. Fijn receppie.

  4. This sounds fantastic! The sauce looks so rich and creamy...yum!

  5. @JeeWee hehe moet je zelf ook eens maken,verveelt zeker niet als snack!!
    @Karen Thanks

  6. Umami baby! The photos are fantastic - and I was right there with you!