woensdag 29 september 2010

Making wine #2

After three days of yeast in a bucket,you can put it in a yeast bottle.
Make sure that you've added the sugar in three parts first,Stir everyday 3 times in the bucket and add every day the same amount of sugar.
Now it's time to clean the yeast bottle,the waterlock and the cap.Do it with a sulphite solution.Rins with a lot of water...
Now the hardest part.It took me 3 hours for 9Kg grape's to get it in the bottle..
Press the pulp yeast out of the bucket with a clean special towel and a sieve.Fill the bottle not till the end but till the shoulder.
Don't add sugar or something else in the bottle,measure the sugar/weight with an hydrometer.
For a medium sweet rose wine the mass is around 1035.Just close it with the waterlock and let it stay there for a few weeks, or till the wine is clear,and stopped to yeast.
You can see on the waterlock if the wine is still yeast,if the waterlock is in the middle, then the yeast has stopped.

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