maandag 30 augustus 2010

Poached Tuna #54

It was a rainy afternoon,and absolutely no weather for the grill,my porch is still under construction,so we have to make diner inside.We decide to make a poached tuna.
You need a Fresh part tuna (one piece)from around 500gr (4 persons). You also need 1Kg ripe tomato's , 3 gloves garlic sliced,handful capers,rosemary,1tsp oregano,2 Spanish red peppers sliced,1 piece of cinnamon,salt and pepper to taste.
To peel off the skin you have to Do the tomato's in a pan and add some boiling hot water for a few minutes,then let the tomato's cool down quickly in cold water,now you can peel off the skin easily.In the meanwhile you can make some notches in the tuna,and stuf it with the sliced garlic,pepper and rosemary.Fry the rest of the garlic and pepper in a pan witch fitted for the tuna (not to big)add the peeled tomato's and let it cook.Now you can add the tuna,push it to the bottom,so you just couldn't see the tuna en bring everything to it starts to boil.Let it cook for 20 minutes.Serve with crostini or Italian bread,and a good glass of wine.Enjoy!!

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