zondag 12 september 2010

Meatloaf & abbey bread #57

On a rainy sunday start of the morning,i went to the gym for a great workout,and thinking of what to make tonight.No bbq in the rain,so i was thinking of a meatloaf & abbeybread from the stove.After i made the dough for the bread and put it in the stove, the sun was going to shine,so i can prepare the meatloaf on the Weber !!
We smoked it with a smokerbox wich i get from a friend of mine JW from picture a recipe
For the meatloaf you need:1Kg minced meat,2 eggs,2 onions diced,2 gloves garlic crushed,2Tbsp breadcrum,1Tbsp brown sugar,cheddar,red and green whole peppers,tabasco,salt,pepper to taste.Mix it in a large bowl,and make a bread of it.
Prepare the grill for indirect cooking,put the smokerbox on top of the charcoals,and let the meatloaf there for 2 hours,in the last 20 minutes mop the meatloaf with a chipotle to glaze it.
Serve with the abbey bread, a salad and a nice bottle of Zifandel rose..Enjoy!!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. This looks and sounds beautiful! I do the same thing - think about dinner while working out! Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Design Wine and Dine, always nice to hear...thinking about food while workout...i'm not the only one..;-)

  3. Looking great as usual o Guru! :) What kind of woodchips did you use in de smoker box? Did it work out regarding to taste and all?

  4. @Marjolein en Jan-Willem,the smokerbox was great,i used the cherrywood chips from Weber...excellent taste...after 2 hours full smoke..;-)

  5. I love the chipotle glaze on the meatloaf! Sounds great...