zondag 26 september 2010

The making of wine #1

Last summer we were in France, and see a lot of wine ranks,we had some tastings on a winefarm,we love wine.
A friend of us had a garden full of grape's.... Wow I had always a wish to make homemade wine,so this was a great opportunity..
First I had to buy was a set of bottles,yeast,brush,bucket and a bunch of chemicals.After cleaning the bottles & buckets it was time to clean the grape's in some sulphite and rinse it very good..We had 9Kg of grape's I can tell ya, it is a large amount of fruit,and still have some..gonna make some juice of it.After the rinsing you have to remove the bad grape's out of it,and pick the grape's and do them in a large bucket.Now you can crush the grape's with your clean feet or hands.(you can also use a crushtool)
After mixing the chemicals with the grape's and crush them it was time to wait till it gonna yeast,this will take a few days( 3-5)
For now I have to stir 3 times a day and add some sugar for the yeast and make some alcohol.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. OK, I have always wanted to make my own wine but just never took the step! Looks and sounds fun - is it worth it?! Who am I kidding...of course it's worth it! Very cool!

  2. Take the step!! its fun to do such things...let the kids crush the grape's with their froggy boots LoL....