vrijdag 24 september 2010

BBQ party

Today we celebrate my wife and son Boris his birthday party.Almost everybody stay's over for dinner (30 people).Off course it has to be something special on the BBQ,because everybody expect it from us.I start with preparing and grilling on friday afternoon because Rik had a soccer match on saturday morning and don't have the time to made that much of food on the day itself. So we made 2 meatloafs on friday,Between the 2 meatloafs I made a quick dinner for us,the grill was still hot enough to do some fajita's.The chicken skewers with cumin-yoghurt and satay we made on the day self. The meatloaf's were made with onion,jalapino's, garlic and cheddar.The first one was with an mesquito chippotlle to glaze it, and the other one was smoked on cherrywood for about 2,5 hours...But first we have a nice tart, and a great snack on the stick-it,After a great talking about food,wine and toys for boys,with a few friends,it was time for the satay.The rest of the evening was very nice at the fireplace and grill.My wife and son had a great day filled with presents and good friends..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Food looks excellent! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Happy Birthday to your Mrs and son!! :)

  2. Thanks cowgirl.....it was a lovely day..and the food..always too much, but the guys loved it..