dinsdag 7 september 2010

Sake Event Amsterdam 2010

We,Jan-Willem and i were invited by VCC to come to a sake party,for tasting 60!! different kinds of sake,and the umami experience.It were all premium Daiginjo sake's. What a flavors, some of them taste better then the other ones.The greatest one i have taste was the plum sake with an ultimate Umami.(anchovy,old Amsterdam (cheese)and tomato)It was heaven on my tongue.
It was a fun evening and like to thank Guus & Saskia for a great event..Arigato!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow Marc, what a wonderful event! So glad you were able to go. I imagine it was a very enjoyable day! :)

  2. It was indeed cowgirl! Terrific sake's and good company. It's always fun to meet a lot of food- and liquor loving people.
    Marc, thanks again. I'm looking forward to the nxt event. Maybe we wil meet our friend Vinissima again :)

  3. Howla Marc, ziet er goed uit. Lekkere saké is nooit weg... gelukzak!

  4. Hè Sid, ik had nog nooit zoveel soorten sake geproefd....heerlijk....