vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Pulled Pork #60

I had a day off, the weather was very nice and sunny,the perfect time to make a Pulled Pork.It was the first time for me to make this kind of slow food.So I went to the butcher for a nice peace of Boston butt (1,2Kg).
Now it was time to rub it in with a basic BBQ rub, and leave it in the fridge for a few hours.After a few hours I heat up the charcoals,now this is a tricky part,you want a constant temperature of 90 degrees for 6 hours.This is how I did it.Heat up 15 Ecobrasa cubes,prepare the Weber for indirect grilling,Now you think,that's not much...right...open the top and bottom ventilation holes in de Weber, it's now around the 90 degrees.Put every 30 minutes a handful of hickory wood and every hour 3 or 4 Ecobrasa's on the old charcoals,they will lit automaticly.You also have to drip the meat every hour with some apple juice,otherwise your meat will dry out.
In the meantime I couldn't wait that long for my dinner so I made some sandwiches with sausage rolls,cheese,zucchini and pepper and a salad with mango,walnut and prosciutto.
We had a great Merlot with it.very tasty.After an empty bottle and 6 hours waiting, the Pulled pork was ready....It looks great,smells great and taste great,tonight we have some with a sandwich,coal and baked beans..Enjoy!!

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