woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Grilled Tuna #47

Life is good....Today I made a wonderful fresh tuna with veggies. After spending my day at the hospital it was time for something good,so i decide to make a fresh tuna on the grill.I also grilled some veggies like paprika, onion,garlic,zucchini and basil.For the fish you need a really hot grill,otherwise your fish will stuck on the grate's , and you don't want a messy grate..So i heated up the grill to 250 degrees, and grilled the tuna 2 minutes on each side,(after 1 minute you have to turn the tuna 45 degrees for the grillmarks) But first you have to wok the veggies till it's done, then grill the tuna.Let the tuna rest for about 5 minutes,in the meanwhile put the wok back on the grill and heat up the veggies.You can also put some cherrywood on the charcoals for a smokey flavor to the veggies.Serve with a light wine, Enjoy !!

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