woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Chicken Pesto #49

Chicken pesto is the favorite of my son Rik.He called me at work if an friend of him could stay for dinner,he would like the chicken pesto too,with some veggies and pomme duchesse.
First i have a great tip for you to undo the inside seeds of an paprika.First you have to make a notch on the top side of the paprika bun, then turn around gently the top of it.Now you have an clean paprika bun.Great to stuff it,or sliced it for the wok.
Slice your veggies like i do, in big pieces,and do them in a bowl with oil and a veggie rub.
For the chicken i used the breast, (tip from Steven Raichlen) Cut of the fillet and save them in the freezer. if you have enough of it you can make sate of it!!
Stuff the chicken with pesto and tomato and tie it up.Grill everything direct above a medium heated grill (160 degrees)
We had a great blackberrie vine with it...Enjoy !!

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