zondag 15 augustus 2010

Matambre #50

Yesterday was a perfect day for a good time with friends,drinking wine talking about big boy's toys,holiday's ,good food & grilling of course.
We made a great "Matambre". It's a flank steak filled with carrot's,sweet potato,Spanish,red pepper,onion,thyme,garlic,
cheddar and Spanish sausage,but you can stuff it with almost everything,let your imagination get the free hand and make something special...
Take a flank steak from around 1,5Kg and fold it open till you have a long piece of meat,but be careful if you do it yourself !! Add some pepper and sea salt. Now you have to slice the ingredients in long small pieces and fill the flank steak with it,after filling you have to roll the steak,and tie it up.Prepare the grill for indirect cooking
(150 C ) wait for about 1,5 hours if you want a well done "Matambre" or 1 hour for medium...We waited too long,so we had it well done... you have to check the grill sometimes, and not only talk and drinking....yeah time flies.. serve with a rose, or a white Muscat and enjoy!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Marc, it looks wonderful!! Sounds like a great way to spend the day too. :)

  2. @cowgirl... we had a fun day with the grill...it was a awesome "Matambre" you have to try it..enjoy..