zondag 8 augustus 2010

Men's Weekend Vianden

I had an outstanding camping weekend with my son Boris at Vianden Luxemburg.It feels like you had a week off.Last year i was there with my oldest one Rik and having a great time with throwing axe's, knights fight's and do some walking/climbing.Now it was Boris his turn. After a 5 hour drive we build our base camp on a camping we were last year,simple and a place to make a campfire.(It is not allowed everywhere) We came there especially for the Festival Médiéval. It's a party with knights and lady's , with a lot of music, dance and handcrafts.Boris wanted to do the falconery,and shooting with the bow and arrows , and see "little Suisse" a mountaineering area. This is really fun to do with your kids (without their mom;-) ) A lot off quality time ,dine, walking and talking.
Actually, you have to do this every now and then with the kids,they appreciate it very much,and is good for the father / son relation...It was a weekend he always remember he said to me...and so do i.

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