maandag 2 augustus 2010

Fusilli #46

After the first working day, after my holiday in France, i decided to make something Italian (I don't like the French cuisine)....We had some Fusilli with an tomato sauce. Very easy to make if you had a little time.I used the usual stuff like 2 part's of garlic,500gr tomato,1 onion,a handfull of fresh basil,1 tsp oregano,2 paprika's (green/red), 3Tbsp Aceto balsamico,1Tbsp brown sugar,pepper,sea salt,cheese flakes from parano,200gr mushrooms and 300gr minced meat.

First bake the garlic and onion glassy,then add the minced meat and stir till it's done.In the meanwhile peel off the skin of the tomato's (Do the tomato's in hot water for a minute,and cool down immediately in fresh cool water,the skin will come off easy).
Do the peeled tomato's with the paprika's in the pan and crush the tomato's.Add the oregano,balsamico aceto,brown sugar,mushrooms and the basil, stir till it's done.Cook the fusilli (following the packaging).
Serve with a fresh salad and a pinot noir rose. Enjoy !!

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