dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

Grilling @ work #51

Today i do the "take the grill to the office" serie from Grillgirl
We don't have enough facilities to do a big grill fest,so i prepared only hamburgers at home last night.This morning i put the "smokey Joe" the charcoals and the rest we need to do some grilling. At 12:30 i heated up de Weber,You have to see those faces,What's that guy doing;-) The whole garage smells like hell...But i can tell ya the guys loved it.Back to the hamburgers,
the minced meat was prepared with 2 cloves garlic , 1 onion cubed, bread-crum,2 egg ,2 Spanish pepper,1Tbsp brown sugar and some tabasco. when they are done you can put some cheddar on top and a salad.Everywhere came my colleagues from to watch the "bbq show" It was really fun..gonna do this more often..Enjoy!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Those burgers look perfect for lunch at work!
    Are they hiring at your workplace, I would apply just for the opprunity to have luch with you guys! lol

  2. I love it! I would grill with you guys anytime!! xo Robyn aka GrillGrrrl

  3. Those burgers look wonderful and would be hard to resist. Very nicely done! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary