zondag 25 april 2010

Minced meat with ricotta bacon in a paprika bun #14

After a busy weekend from party to party,it's always nice to chill out with a good bottle of wine and a BBQ at the end of the day.

This one i have seen on the blog from cowgirl and Anotherpintplease

We don't have Bison so i used minced meat.I stuffed it with ricotta instead of goat cheese in a paprika bun.
For de rub i used the one from yesterday (1tbsp thyme 1 tbsp chili powder grated garlic grated onion and some brown sugar)

The sweetness is great with the baked ricotta.

Put the stuffed buns for 5 mins direct, and set aside for about 1 hour indirect.

15mins before you serve the buns you can make some potato's/fries.

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