woensdag 23 maart 2011

Brocolli,Fish & sourdough #106

First I want a warm welcome for "TheDutchessCooks" She's a new participant in the "4 ingredient challenge".. Have fun Hanneke;-) Let's kick some ass..
Ok here we go,the first part is no problem,the fish,broccoli and apple,but the sourdough....First I was thinking of baking it myself but couldn't find the right ingredients and bacteria..Now what... where do I get sourdough bread in store..not at my local bakery.
Finally a friend of us Guus "Umami" Vredenburg from VCC bought me a nice bread from a store he knows in an other town.Thanks Guus;-)
Now we have all the ingredients for the "challenge" it was time for some cooking!
I grilled the fish on high fire direct on the grill,with some pepper sea salt and thyme.Then the broccoli also on a high fire, and grill the apple after the grill part glaze with honey and a bit of balsamic acceto.
Now roast the bread on the grill,add the fish,broccoli and glazed apple on top and enjoy!

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Very interesting concept you ended up with. I like how you grilled the broccoli; that's something I just haven't gotten around to trying yet. Great job!

  2. Nicely done Marc, I have not tried to grill broccoli either. I was also surprised that sourdough was a problem to find.

  3. Great job. You always have a great twist on the challenge ingredients.