vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Coffee #98

Today I bought a new coffee grinder.It's my first one... After seeing a lot off grinders in different price ranges...(If you want to spend a lot of money...no problem;-) I see grinders from 50€ -1000€....) For a tryout I got the "Solis" grinder.Nice grinder for not that much..
I made a Frenchpress coffee.Grind 7gr beans of your choice, I had the Balmaadi Estate from India.
It is a nice coffee with a taste of citrus,It's not a bold /chubby coffee but very sparkling/light.
Boil some fresh water and add it to the fresh beans and stir.let it rest for 3 minutes and press the coffee...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Schaduwkoffie uit de Blauwe Bergen! Toe maar! Toe maar! Je kan ondertussen wel een koffiewinkeltje beginnen Marco! Nu nog koekjes leren bakken op de BBQ.