vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Meatloaf #99

Tonight we had a great meatloaf..It's one of my favorites to make....
All you need is 500gr minced meat, 2 egg's, 2Tbsp brown sugar, 1 onion, 1 clove garlic,a little tobasco to taste,breadcrum,
2 Spanish pepper's and a pepper bell.Mix everything very well,and make a flat piece of it.
Add on the edge the Pepper & cheese and fold it,the next layer is for the pepper bell and cheese,keep on rolling.
In the meantime prepare the Grill for indirect grilling,and put the meatloaf on the grate.
Let it grill for about 2,5 hours.In the last hour you have to mop the meatloaf with a mixture of tomato ketchup,brown sugar and tobasco to taste.
Serve with some salad and a sandwich.
I also heard today from Robyn from the Grill Grrrl that I won the cedar planks from the outdoor gourmet..next time I'm gonna make a meatloaf on cedar!!

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