woensdag 23 maart 2011

Sunny wednesday grilling #105

It was a beautiful day,for a soccer tournament with Boris, from school,and a nice bbq with fresh veggies,sweet potato and fish!
All from the Weber of course.
Today we prepared 500gr broccoli cut in pieces,500gr sweet potato's and 4 pieces of fish.
The fish was made with some thyme,sea salt and pepper,wrapped in aluminum foil for about 20 min. on the grill.
Put the broccoli,potato's,onion and garlic in a wok o the grill too for about 20 min.
Stay at the grill for stirring the wok,and enjoying the nice smell of the goods on the grate.Add a little bit of Kikoman to the broccoli for the finishing touch.

Enjoy (of course with a glass Chianti)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like the sun is I never thought of sticking the wok on the grill. Looks like my husband will have to do the side dishes on the grill as well while I enjoy a glass of Chianti :)

  2. Hi Ilke, thanks...Ill do everything on the grill....while enjoying a glass of Chianti...

  3. Sinds wanneer hou jij van Chianti??
    Je verbaasd me steeds weer! :) Wat voor visje heb je voor gerecht "misbruikt"? Sieht ja gut aus!

  4. Gewoon een ordinaire pangasius filet.... Chianti drink ik heel vaak ;-) heerlijk

  5. I know man! Chianti is oone of the best! Mmm..ga ik gewoon ook eens proberen. Met de Pangasius bedoel ik he!