woensdag 2 juni 2010

First national ribeye day #30

The first National ribeye day is born! A lot of my twitter friends made today Ribeye..So we decided to start The National Ribeye day.The next one is on 02-06-2011. sounds pretty good..
Also this are the first pictures with my new camera,a Canon powershot G11.What a great camera !!! the colors look very natural.
The camera is very easy to use and handle and everything is on it...I find my way out without reading the manual..
Ok the ribeye we made with the basic rub,a mix of brown sugar, pepper, sea salt ,chili powder and rosemary.First give the ribeye a rest of 15 min.after you get it out of the fridge,then rub it in with a little Dijon mustard and the rub.
For the potato's you can pre-cook it a little (10min.) and make some slices of the potato's. Marinade it with some olive oil,onion and garlic.
The fish we did in foil with sea salt,pepper and olive oil.
Preheat the Weber for direct grilling and put everything on it for about 15 min. Turn the ribeye's after 5 or 6 min. enjoy..

Marc Van Der Wouw

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