vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Tortilla chicken #31

I had a nice day off, while i was laying in the hammock, and listen to some good music,i had a good idea of making tortilla chicken.Easy but delicious, here is what you need for 3 people.6 flour tortilla's,tomato,paprika, green pepper, cheddar,cucumber,salad,kidney beans,onion,garlic and 3 chicken breast.
Marinade the chicken breast in 3Tbsp olive oil,2Tbsp soy sauce, 2Tbsp honey,1 small onion,2 cloves garlic (minced) and 1 Tbsp 5 species (chinese). Mix it well and put the chicken in it for about 2 hours.
Prepare the grill for indirect grilling.Slice the paprika in 2 parts and put them on the grill (indirect) put the chicken on the direct side till they are done for you.Slice the chicken,green pepper,tomato,cheddar,paprika, and kidney beans in pieces and stuff the tortilla and wrap e'm up.Put the wraps for about 5 minutes on the indirect side... serve with some fresh salad and a rose.. Enjoy

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