vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Smoked Ham stuffed with fennel #36

Yesterday i get a tip from a few guys about the Ecobrasa charcoals. It is an ecological charcoal what's very hot and stay's that way for at least 2,5 hours.They were made of the coconut shell.So i called the store,and picked up 20Kg.
I put the charcoals in the starter en lit them up in about 10min. pretty fast for a start..On the grate for about 5 min. and is was really hot!! 200 degrees...We do the indirect grilling for about 1,5 hour with a core temp.of 71 degrees.and made our favorite home made potato's.
The Ham's were marinated with wiskey/honey and a few herbs, and stuffed with fennel and red Spanish pepper,tie it up and put on the grill.We eat it with a sandwich and some bread..enjoy.

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  1. now that looks yummy!! I´m using the Ecobrasa charcoals too, it works great!