zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Thai table bbq green curry #37

Last week a colleague of my gave me a Thai table bbq. So i had another project to do;-) but what to make on this thing!!!
I decide to make a green curry.For the curry paste you need 3Tbsp soy,fresh ginger (1 inch) (2,5cm),2 cloves garlic,1small onion,lemongrass,half a sour lime,a full hand coriander,2 or 3 fresh Spanish peppers and olive oil.Do the stuff in the blender till you have a paste. Mix it with 400ml cocosmilk and stir. Heat up the Thai bbq, i'm stoked about the ecobrasa, great stuff... use 10 bricks. Then cut 3 chicken breast in parts of 0,5 inch (1cm) and put it on the Thai bbq. at the same time do the cocosmilk/paste in the pan with some pods and mushrooms, heat it al up..serve some basmati rice.It was really awesome... Enjoy

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