vrijdag 18 juni 2010

Birthday grilling #34

I had a great day,very busy but hey, i can handle it.After 4 days of walking with my youngest son,i can pick up my own(kickbox) training.
After 6 months of hard training my fatt mass is too low,and my weight is too lo...:-) .... Now i have to gain muscles and eat more..
No problem!!! today we had my oldest son's birthday party,he wants a BBQ party and after that goes to the movie with his friends.He has the right dad to do de Q'ing thing,but what to make?
So he decided to eat the oldskool homemade hamburgers,sate and cumin yoghurt skewers
The hamburgers were special made for the young couple Rik & Romy Loveburgers!!
Today also tested the re-useable cups for the Nespresso.This was great, now i can use my own brand of coffee instead of the expensive cups from the Nespresso store!!

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