zondag 22 mei 2011

Tortilla Espanola #123

Iv'e got Spanish neighbours,While sitting in the backyard, listening to them,I was thinking of my Spanish holiday's and tapa adventures in Barcelona,with my diving friends. Instead of diving we did a lot of eating and drinking.
The kids were out,my wife had a workshop making tart and I was home alone....All the time for making "Tortilla Espanola"
After doing some shopping,you need 500gr small potato's,1 pepper bell,chorizo,onion,garlic,pepper & salt,10 egg's,100gr Grana Padano cheese (or something else you like) and Shitake
Prepare the grill for indirect grilling,medium heat.In the meantime cut the potato's,chop the other ingredients in small pieces.Put everything in a large bowl.Beat up the egg's and add it to the other ingredients.
Do the mixture in a casserole,and place on the medium heated grill for about 2 hours.Let it cool down.
Serve with an salad.


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks good Marc. But where are the tortillas?

  2. Hi Larry, in Spain they called this Spanish omelet, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_omelette ...Tortilla? In Italy it is fritatta I thought..

  3. Ja man! Dat waren tijden bij gelpi aan de zee! bakkie capucino, lekkere chipriones en... tortilla! Dze ziet er strak uit. Helemaal alleen opgegeten? Zonder vinho...? :0000))))

  4. Looks excellent Marc! You are a great chef! :)

  5. Thanks Cowgirl;-)
    @Jan-Willem en Marjolein....mooie tijden idd..
    Ik had er zeker een vino'tje bij;-)

  6. This is a MUST TRY!!!! Looks awesome Marc!

  7. this looks wonderful I have fond memories of tapas in Barcelona as well :-)

  8. I was just talking to one of my daughters about looking for a recipe for a good Spanish Tortilla. I think I found it right here.

  9. Thanks Rebecca
    All that's left are the crumbs.. Did you made it? How was it?
    Thanks Chris