vrijdag 13 mei 2011

Tequila flavored fajita #120

Cooking with liquor..O yeah!! it's one of my favorite things to do.You will get a subtile flavor of the booze on the food.
I'Ve tried a bag of Jack Daniels wood chips to get a flavor of it on my meat,but that won't work.When I opened the bag, the smell of whiskey was very nice,but was not satisfied on the meat.
So we now tried it on the hard way.Tequila flavored Fajita, they were so juicy, just awesome!!
Ok let's start with prepare the chicken breast,cook the breast in broth for about 15 minutes,and let it cool down.In the meantime you can make a salsa from 400gr peeled tomato,1 pepper bell diced,1 onion diced,1 glove garlic diced and 1 cup brown sugar.heat it up in a skillet,
Pull the chicken as you do with pulled pork.Put the pulled chicken in a large bowl.Add 50ml tequila and a fajita seasoning mix in a cup and stir.When done you can add the tequila seasoning mix with the chicken and let marinate for an hour or two.
For the extra filling we had black beans,sweet onion,sweet pepper bell and corn baked on the grill,(add the chicken too) and heat it all up.Fill the tortilla's with the mixture and put them back on the grate,with some cheese and sour cream on top!
Add jalapenos to taste.Serve with Fat Bastard Rose,or a Desperado beer..Enjoy.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks outstanding! Love me some boozy food :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Parsley Sage, the booze make your food soooo juicy.....yumyum.


  3. Wow that sounds great Marc! Thanks for sharing your recipe, I'll definately give this a try. :)

  4. YUM! I saw these on Flickr first - Super delicious and yes bring on the cooking with booze!