woensdag 18 mei 2011

Fava beans.. What beans??

This "challenge" was a real one...I made this one three or four time's,and made a few mistakes.
It was all about the language.My son is always talking about his Fava (Favorite for street language).Mistake nr.1 Fava is not Favorite!! Damn...My favorite beans are the black beans and sour cream,so I was making the Tequila flavored fajita's with black beans,sweet corn and sour cream.
Here you go, 2nd mistake,forgot the wild rice!!.(3th mistake).Ok here is the next attempt. "crust chicken", with my Fava (favorite) beans,sweet onion and (4th mistake) Ingredient with the first letter of your name..M, I mixed up a lot of things this month, so the M was for Mais ( corn in English LoL)AAARRRGGGHHH!! What's next.I had a few leftovers from the Tequila flavored fajita's,the black beans,the mais (corn) and here it comes,the 5th mistake. Accidentally read a mail of Larry to welcome Jerry,with the text Hope you all are able to find Fava Beans… Now Iv'e got a problem...search with google for Fava beans...That kind of beans Iv'e not seen the last 20 years...I hate that bean when I was a kid ;-)
But I gave it a try,with the left overs from everything..I'm telling you guys,it was not that bad..Not bad at all..I made a nice dinner,with wild rice, fava beans,the tequila flavored chicken.... and the ingredient with the magical M
Was a nice Macchiato (I couldn't find any better sorry) as desert.

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  1. I'd eat those mistakes you made any day of the week; they all look and sound pretty tasty. And I'm with you on not liking those darn fava beans... ;)