woensdag 4 mei 2011

Midweek grilling #116

I had to cancel a BBQ at KookaandeZaan,because the situation at home (Damn MSA).
But we all have to eat,so I've opted for a BBQ at our home.
We had some pepper bell's filled with cheese and minced meat,and rice aside.
First it was time to open a nice bottle Chianti,witch i've got from Meave from twitter..We made a deal about some filters for photography.
The pepper bell's where filled with 500gr minced meat, 1/2 cup bread crum,1cup brown sugar,1/2 cup honey bbq sauce.
Blend it well.
Cut the bell's in 2 and take out the seeds.Put some cheese on the bottom,(I used Grana Padano) and stuff it with the mixture.
From the rest of the meat I made a little fatty,without the bacon..(forgotten at the grocery)
I smoked it on the Weber for about 40 minutes indirect 130┬║F and smoked with "cherry wood".
Add some rice with it,and of course the Chianti..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Marc sorry you had to cancel...
    Your food and drinks look excellent!

  2. Cowgirll no problem..we had a great evening..;-)