vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

Pesto homemade #64

Today I made a perfect pesto, you have to try this....it's quite easy to make,and it taste so much better then the one you buy in the store..
All you need is a handful of fresh basil,a Tbsp pine nuts,2 gloves garlic,3Tbsp Grana Padano,some olive oil,and a blender.
Mix all very well in the blender and add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
It's very nice in combination with a sandwich with mozarella,tomato and slaw.Enjoy!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Lekker en gezond! Gebruik wel goede olijfolie want dat bepaalt alles. Ik gebruik die van Marfuga, zie www.Olivardy.nl

  2. @Hayke,thanks, ga dr zeker eens kijken,is wel aan de prijzige kant,maar goed alle waar naar z'n geld..

  3. I ADORE pesto! I love the pictures you have here, especially the one with the pesto on the spoon. So pretty! We have lots of basil to use up before it gets too cold, this reminds me to get my act together! Beautiful!