zaterdag 26 februari 2011

Risotto con pollo e limoni #95

The first time of making a perfect risotto...It was absolutely fabulous.I had an Italian risotto rice found in the local grocery store.I wanted to make it with fresh pesto,chicken,Spanish pepper and sweet pepper bell.
Cut the pepper bell, pepper and a glove of garlic in pieces you like,bake the chicken and add the veggies.
In the meantime simmer an onion,and add the risotto rice in a pan and bake the rice a little.After a few minutes add some chicken broth (350Ml) in small amounts to the risotto and repeat it until the liquid is gone..After that add the juice of a lemon,2 egg yolk's, 50Gr Grana Padano cheese and 100Ml milk. Stir very well until you have a nice texture.Serve it with the fresh pesto,a piece of the Grana Padano cheese and a nice glass of Italian Wine....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. A good risotto is fabulous. Just takes a lot of stirring, more stirring and stir again. Awesome.


  2. Thanks Velva, stirring is the magic word....;-)

  3. It looks perfect Marc...and so tasty! :)

  4. I find the yolks in this dish so interesting! This looks super delicious! I love a good risotto with a glass of white wine - perfect!

  5. @cowgirl was so tasty...not bad for the first time..

    @Design Wine and Dine..found it in a recipe with the yolks...It was so tasty....

  6. looks wonderful can't beat a good risotto I have made so many varieties