zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Chicken pesto Hamburger #93

The flew has gone now, so I can do some grilling and early birthday shopping...I saw an top rated gadget.....a espresso machine in pocket format!! This tiny espresso machine works with an hand pump system on 16 Bar pressure for an excellent crema top...You can add all types of espresso coffee you want and I'm telling ya,It's so much better then the "Nespresso".
Ok back to the grill.My youngest son made an excellent pesto,It is his favorite thing to make...first of all is the nice smell of fresh basil.
We made a few nice chicken pesto Hamburgers,off course from the grill.Slice the chicken breast in 2 pieces and add the pesto and some Grano Padano cheese,and fold back.
Put them on a hot grate direct for about 10 minutes..It was freezing here so the preparing time is a bit longer...Add it on a fresh sandwich with some salad and enjoy.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Kijk, zo gaat B nog meer van je BBQ kunst genieten! Leuke gadget trouwens! Gekocht bij........

  2. Good to see you back Marc! Food looks fantastic..
    Great photo of your son too, he will be a great chef like you! :)

  3. welcom back - I know how you feel!

    I love how your son makes pesto, super cute and what delicious food!