vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Holiday adventures & Fennel fish dish #94

We had an fabulous week off to "Drenthe" a Dutch state in the north of the country.We had all kinds of weather,sun,snow,rain and fog,but there was enough to see and do for the kids but we Chilled the most off the time,but we were to the memorial museum of "Camp Westerbork" A Prisoner museum.
I worked for about 5 years in several prisons (security X-Ray specialist) so I see a lot of tools and equipment that prisoners make, for smoking hash and escaping.
We also went to an sea museum...I wanted to go to the historical cooking museum,but it was closed.
I didn't have the time and mood to cook at our bungalow,so we go to the chinese and local restaurants...not bad at all..
Back home I was in the mood for some fine fresh cooking,I decide to make Fennel,zucchini, fish, potato,sweet paprika,onion garlic,pepper and cheese from the oven!!
Cut everything in small slices,and put it in layers in a casserole.Sprinkle the cooking cream and fresh cheese on top of it,and shove it in a preheat oven off 180 degrees for an hour...
Enjoy with a light wine...

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