zaterdag 6 november 2010

Tosti / Sandwich on the grill #72

Damn, what a saturday...Headache,squash with Boris,and then to soccer with Rik,and I had to pick up my duck breast for sunday.While I was picking up my duck I get a call from the coach of Rik,due to the bad weather,the game was canceled..Thank god for this time;-).I was not in the mood for cooking,so my wife made a pan of our favorite homemade soup(tomato) and we had some hot sandwiches with it (tosti's).I asked some guys from Twitter of it would be fun to write a blog about soup and tosti's..The answer was YES sure!!! Now I got a problem...what to make from a simple meal like soup and I give it a try!!!
For the soup you need a pan of boiled water,boullion,a package dried tomato,fresh veggies cut very small,minced meat balls and noodles.Cook it for about 2 hours.Now we came to my part,the tosti's...Heat up the Weber for medium heat 150 degrees.Now I used a open grill pan to heat up the sandwiches.We made them with ham,cheese,tomato and a pinch of Balsamic vinegar..It taste awesome!! We also made some sandwich with ham,cheese,and jalapenos and a bit of biological tomato ketchup...It's also very nice to make..the kids loved it...Enjoy!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the idea of sandwiches on the grill!!!The soup looks wonderful too! A nice pair!

  2. I hope the soup helped clear up that headache! The melted cheese on that sandwich makes it look so inviting.

  3. Thanks guys....The headache is cleared now..