woensdag 17 november 2010

Making wine #3

Finally the last part of making the wine. It's cleared the last 4 weeks, so it was time to bottle the wine.First we have to get rid of the old grape's.Let the moist flow in a sieve in a large bowl.Now it's time to prepare the bottles to fill,Clean the bottles with sulphite and rinse with clean water.
After you cleaned the bottles it's time to fill them with the wine.But first the best part!! you can try some wine now..For me it was 10:00 a little bit early ;-).
The taste was a little dry,(I like the sweet wine more).But hey ,it was 10 AM...maybe taste better at 22:00..
Put a cork on the bottle and wait a week or 6 and try another bottle,the taste can be better then the last time..If not drink it all or give it away;-) and start over next year...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. That's some great looking wine Marc! Has a nice color...bet it's tasty! :)

  2. Making your own wine? Impressive!! I hope it's ready in time for Christmas :)

  3. Is het rood? Is het rose? Ziet er mooi uit gast! Bewaar een flesje... :)
    What's with the "WEIN" thermother?

  4. I know you were excited! I would have been too! Again, like I said at the start, I would LOVE to try this - maybe one of these years soon and I'll use this as my inspiration! The color is beautiful :)

    Wait didn't you start a new wine blog?!