zaterdag 27 november 2010

Photo shoots & quesadilla's #76

Friday was the day for a photo shoot at Hayke's cook studio "KookaandeZaan". She's having a very nice studio for cooking clinics.
The studio is located in an old factory from a famous Dutch brand "Honig"
After a few hours of shooting,drinking coffee,helping hand on fixing the hood and having some wine and a good talk,it was time for me to go home and make a quick meal..(Next week is the grand opening and will show you more picture;s)

I decide to make quesadilla's ala Nigella Lawson.Not on the Weber this time but on a grill pan..It's easy and quick to make.
You only need For 4 persons,8 flour tortilla's,75gr prosciutto,3 chicken breast (sliced),cherry tomato's, grana padano cheese and green peppers to taste and salad.
Take 4 slices of the prosciutto and put them on a half of the tortilla,add also some tomato,cheese and salad,fold it together,and put it in the grill pan until the cheese started to melt.On top you can add a Mexican salsa. Enjoy with a nice glass of red wine.

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  1. Very cool! I want to start learning more about photography! These quasadillas look great!! My favorite!