zondag 7 november 2010

Duck breast with succory and balsamic vinegar #73

Thank god my headache was cleared,I had to make a picture of the kids (the girl is from my brother in law) for grandpa's birthday next week.He's 70!! but superb with the kids.After we take the picture's friends of us came over,had some wine,and have to cook and shoot some pics for this blog.I had not taken enough time to set the light in the right position.But the duck breast with succory, balsamic syrup and sweet potato from the grill tasted great!!.

This is how we did it.

Cook 2 sweet potatos till they are done,slice it in 2 parts and take the potato out of the shell,make some puree of it with some cheese and put it back in the shell.Heat it up on the Weber until the cheese is melted.

Make the balsamic syrup with 2Tbsp apple syrup and a few Tbsp balsamic vinegar,heat up and stir.
Cut the succory end off and peel the leave's off,bake them on a hot grate in a fry pan,add some sugar until it melt's.
In the meantime grill the duck on a hot grate 2 minutes each side.(core temp. about 52 degrees).let it rest for a few minutes.

Put the duck on the leaves and add some balsamic syrup on the duck and succory... Enjoy it with a nice smooth red wine.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. YUM! I love duck breast!

    Cutie kids too!!!! Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

  2. @Carmen duck is so soft..it will melt in your mouth....you've got to try it once! ;-)